What about Digital Business Automation?

IRIS Professional Solutions supports organisations in the digitalisation and automation of processes, with specific attention to change management.

The result? Higher productivity, increased customer satisfaction, faster decision making and effective management of complex & unpredictable cases. The IRIS project methodology ensures smooth implementation with quick wins.

IRIS Professional Solutions focuses on the organisation’s employees. IT gives them components that fulfil the business rules of the organisation. The employees then build the process themselves, without needing any specific knowledge of IT or programming. This leads to fast process development, more agility and a shorter time to market.

The IRIS approach bridges the traditional gap between business and IT. Once the process has been digitalised, as many repetitive tasks as possible are automated using methods such as robotic process automation (RPA). This gives the employees more time to perform tasks that make a real difference.

Source: Data News Magazine FR/NL (December 2018).