What about DBA in the government?

Digital transformation simplifies the contact between citizens and the government. IRIS Professional Solutions provides the government with more flexibility, which results in faster turnaround times.

Government services often have to deal with a fragmented application landscape that has grown organisationally over the years. IRIS Professional Solutions advocates to streamline this environment. Digital Business Automation is a key pillar within this context.

The solution is supported by IBM technology and gives a government service a flexible case management approach; knowledge driven and role based. Knowledge workers determine themselves how the processes will run using a business rule engine. This guarantees more flexibility and, in combination with an agile methodology, a shorter time-to-market.

The Belgian government uses Digital Business Automation to keep control over the workload of knowledge workers. They will immediately see which steps are required in which files in the application. Previously, this information was spread over different systems. The new approach results in a shorter turnaround time for files and therefore a higher level of services.

Source: Data News Magazine FR/NL (May 2019).