IRIS has a long experience in Outsourcing, taking care of your digitization projects (from paper to process), lowering costs, dramatically increasing the time you have to focus on your business and meeting your demands for speed, accuracy, security and fast digitization.


Document Management Outsourcing

Our outsourcing facilities can take care of your document management needs. Our state-of-the-art data capture tools and experienced staff scan, index, archive, host and deliver data from your documents, depending on your needs and to the applications you use. Moreover, our logistics platform can handle your paper form design, for instance for print ballot documents.

Invoice Processing

IRIS has an invoice process optimization solution as part of its Business Process Optimization portfolio. With our Outsourcing center we can also take care of the invoice processing for you, enabling you to focus on your business as we digitize and streamline the invoice process, from sorting, capture and intelligent recognition to any desired output and invoicing platform.

Vote & Form Processing

Are you organizing a census, survey or election? Our Outsourcing services department can guide you from start to finish. Based upon your needs we take care of paper form design, in alignment with regulatory requirements, and the actual process of digitizing census documents and ballet papers with our high-volume and secure capture services. On top of paper-based election and census solutions, we also enable online voting/polling or hybrid approaches.

Archive Processing

Looking for a solution to turn your hard copy documents into actionable data, enabling you to save costs, reduce storage space and leverage your archived information? We process any archive, from medical records to paper archives and documents stored via older electronic archive methods. Moreover, we make sure that your information, depending on regulations and archiving rules, is safely stored while you can go fully digital.

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