Hybrid Cloud

IRIS offers a hybrid cloud approach with ECM solutions in the cloud, data centers to deploy and host your IT infrastructure in the cloud, managed services to monitor and optimize your own cloud applications, tailored cloud solutions and on premise projects.



IRIS ICT offers a first class service for all your consolidation, implementation, virtualization and IT-management projects. Our engineers combine their huge amount of experience with a great knowledge of the latest products and technologies. We are able to provide you with a private enterprise cloud at your premises, within or without a hybrid approach.

Hosting and housing

IRIS allows you to benefit from all the advantages of the cloud, freeing up resources, reducing the hassle and offering all the capabilities you can expect from an infrastructure provider that is focused on your business continuity and success.

Managed services

Our managed services allow you to take the next step and fully outsource the parts of your IT processes and infrastructure needs in a cloud environment with clear SLAs. IRIS can fully monitor, pro-actively manage and support your IT infrastructure so your operations run smoothly and effectively with maximum performance for the users of your applications.

Cloud solutions

IRIS offers a broad range of cloud-based ECM solutions (invoice processing, text recognition, document creation and compression, ECM and collaboration), and various tailored cloud solutions to perform several tasks and optimize your ICT infrastructure. From Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service to disaster recovery, monitoring, network and much more as a service.

Cloud for the mobile knowledge worker

Hosted securely in the IRIS data centers and following a private cloud model, the IRISCloud solutions allow professionals on the go to use their tablet to:

  • Access the company’s repository
  • Find documents through full text search
  • Edit them thanks to versioning
  • Share them and notify coworkers
  • Perform workflow tasks such as invoice approval
  • Synchronize folders for offline consultation

Tap into the benefits of hybrid cloud

Move your IT to the cloud, regardless of the mix of cloud solutions and infrastructure that suit your needs best: from a private enterprise cloud and our own cloud to connections with public cloud partners for the solutions you need.

  • Optimize your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase IT and application availability
  • Decrease your CapEx, shift to OpEx
  • Be more agile and scale rapidly
  • Focus on your business, customers and innovation
  • Rest assured 24/7 with monitoring services
  • Run your operations at the speed of today’s business reality
  • Enjoy the advantages of a tailored solution and top services.


As a trusted partner for managed services, data center services and cloud solutions we are your dynamic partner in a digital age where no one solution or cloud fits all.

Managed Services

IRIS' managed services consists of 4 managed services modules: monitoring services, reactive services, pro-active services and daily management.

Datacenter services

IRIS' data centers enable you to save costs by migrating your equipment (housing) or using the equipment they contain (hosting).

Cloud solutions

IRIS builds custom cloud applications across a wide variety of cloud services: from SaaS and IaaS to BuaaS, DRaaS, AVaaS, MonAAS and NaaS.

IRIS Consulting Services

Our cloud experts are at your disposal for consulting, along with our business consultants. The majority of our ICT engineers are Cisco-certified. Our specialists in managed services, data center services and cloud solutions are highly skilled and have direct access to the massive expert resources of the Canon Group. Last but not least: given our long experience in various industries and our innovative tradition, our consultants come with decades of combined business and solutions expertise for your business.

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