Content Management

Content management is the administration of digital content throughout its lifecycle, from creation to permanent storage or deletion. It contains a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing and publishing of information in any form or medium. Content management practices and goals vary by mission and by organizational governance structure.


Document management

Document management software facilitates the centralized availability and management of non-structured information and documents.

Information can always be presented in the correct context, since the documents have been linked with structured data (such as the identity of a customer, contract, employee or company) from other applications (such as ERP, CRM, HR or PMS). Functionalities such as version management, audit trails, check-in/check-out, rights and authorizations, integration with other systems and Office applications, and workflow all come as standard in the software we supply.

Records management

Implementing a records management scheme gives you control over your information housekeeping and is the answer to the recent explosive growth in the quantities of data and to the progressive growth forecast for that in the future.

Records management gives you structured, transparent control of records (which consist of information and documents, both physical and digital) from their creation to deletion. Records management reduces risks and saves costs. Records management also helps ensure quality in digital environments. Search results assisted by records management are ‘cleaner’, so users can find what they are looking for more quickly.

Knowledge management

The classifying of knowledge, and the centralized management and availability of knowledge, allows organizations to keep pace with today’s changing environment. Knowledge can be made available by profession group, department, project, project group or subject. Additionally, knowledge might have varying relevance and access rules from one individual to the next.

There are several reasons why an organization would wish to guard its knowledge and use knowledge management such as the changing market and the need to retain a strong competitive edge, especially in business services. Knowledge management identifies your experts, presents information in structured ways and classifies it, so that knowledge is preserved and more readily available and locatable. With knowledge management, you are safeguarding the structural soundness of your organization!

Collaboration solutions

The virtual office, the expanded scope for working from the home, the unlocking of knowledge management and the growth in collaboration with external partners and with customers necessitate a good automation-driven facilitation of collaborative solutions.

These collaborative solutions can be provided either in the cloud or from the native environment of an organization. The web-based nature of the interface and its compatibility with mobile devices makes it possible to collaborate and/or to exchange files, even large ones, at any time and place. A successful implementation of collaboration yields increased productivity, better customer satisfaction and a higher competitive standing for your organization — with security, the audit trail and the proper structure of rights and authorizations all maintained. The best of both worlds!

Business Process Management

Organizations can digitize and optimize their processes by applying Business Process Management (BPM). BPM software brings together the people, processes and internal and external applications that are needed to do so. Process optimization and case management solutions enable more insight into how the business is being run, facilitating strategic decision-making and planning.

The seamless integration of BPM software with other solutions supplied by IRIS means you can use it to direct and control the entire life cycle of documents, information and deals. The digitizing and optimizing of processes using BPM allows you to work more efficiently, reduce costs and obtain a better grasp of time to delivery and of quality.

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