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IRIS Consulting Services advices you on a flexible deployment of highly skilled consultants with specific specialities to deal with any challenge or capacity problem in your organization. IRIS is active in consulting services since 1985 with an own team of over 420 qualified specialists. Discover what sets our professionals and consulting services apart.


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Our mission is to match the right professional with your company for the right task in all perspectives: skills, experience, cultural fit, personality and the know-how of solutions and technologies you need. IRIS’ consultants and professionals are continuously trained and coached on their path of growth and their personal development as their success is your success and our success. Contact us via the button below.


Want to join our consultants?

We help our professionals and consultants to leverage their knowledge, skills and experience for challenges which really fit them. We facilitate you, as a future consultant, in your personal development, experience, skills and subject matter expertise through training, our IRIS Academy and guidance across your career, work and life balance and job satisfaction. Send us your resume via the button below.


IRIS Consulting Services for organizations

With over 3 decades of proven experience and customers such as the EU, IRIS’ consulting services has developed a large pool of seasoned specialists. We know the market, technologies, solutions, needs of your business and needs of our specialists inside-out.

  • The right consultant for the right on-site job for the longer, very long or short term in case of replacements.
  • Flexible: most consultants work on a full-time basis but half-time and other models are possible.
  • Investing in the entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset, career, skills and knowledge of our consultants for your and their success .
  • Vertical specialization in government, public sector, banking, insurance, utilities, energy, pharma, industry…
  • Close follow-up of our specialists: make sure they get what they need to feel good in their work and your business.
  • A very intensive selecting and matching of our specialists with our customers for various types of projects.
  • True listening and understanding to better know our people and customers in an open, collaborative and sincere way.
  • From basic tasks to the most complex challenges with a variety of projects: from development to migrations and changes.
  • Continuous improvement of our specialists with coaching, the IRIS Academy and trainings to learn new technologies and evolutions.
  • Huge range of technological skills and solutions experience in competence centers for Microsoft, IBM, OpenText, Drupal, Java and a competence center for generic profiles such as analysts, project managers, SCRUM masters, technical writers and data scientists.
  • Experts across several areas, including smart capture, records management, digital archiving, case management, artificial intelligence, digital collaboration and portals, software development, IT management, system engineering, database administration,….

IRIS Consulting Services for candidate consultants

Over 420 highly specialized consultants can’t be wrong. We offer you the chance to work in leading organizations on challenging projects which fit your profile. As a consultant at IRIS you become part of a family that cares about your needs and those of our customers as both go hand in hand.

  • Assignments and challenges that perfectly match with your skills, profile, experience, personality and preferences.
  • A focus on your personal path of growth with coaching, refreshment courses, trainings on new technologies and our IRIS Academy.
  • For each assignment we look if it’s challenging for you, enables you to grow and enthuses you.
  • Corporate culture and collaboration matter we look for the right cultural fit and in a collaborative way.
  • Improving your expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, performance, job happiness and growth are key to your success and that of our customers.
  • A chance to work for leading organizations in multiple industries with a focus on government, finance, utilities, industrial markets and more.
  • The value of belonging to a networking organization where motivated professionals can develop in several competence centers.
  • A high degree of connectedness between consultants and between consultants, IRIS’ consulting services and our customers.
  • True involvement, reliability, integrity and sincerity are key in the way we work with people and values in taking our responsibility.
  • Standing still is going backwards. We invest in you, take our time to know you and value both your professional and private goals to offer more value to you and to our customers.


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