Case Management

With IRIS’ advanced case management solutions your knowledge workers have rapid access to all case-related information, also from external sources and other systems. They can document all actions in a case, collaborate better and be more efficient. IRIS has proven dynamic case management expertise in a range of industries and applications, from complex decision-making cases in government to legal case management and customer case management.


Knowledge worker efficiency

Make your staff more productive by organizing the information they need to treat and collaborate on in any given type of case with a degree of unpredictability. Case management puts smooth case handling and productivity first, speeding up decision-making and removing time-consuming searches for case-related content.

Customer satisfaction

Advanced case management is more aligned with your customers in the broadest sense. Whether the case at hand concerns a customer service request, a complaint, a transactional process with several - unknown - steps or an application for a loan: case management speeds up your processes, leading to improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Managing unpredictability

Your staff increasingly has to work with diverse forms and sources of content in the context of a case. While routine tasks can be fully automated, cases with an unpredictable workflow, need for collaboration and presence of different types of information which can come in at any given - unpredictable - order need advanced case management.

Focus on decisions

The core task of knowledge workers is to solve problems, take decisions and collaborate to handle cases with the help of information and collaboration. Case management provides you with the possibility to document any content, workflow, interaction and step in order to solve problems and take decisions, regardless of your project.

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