IRIS Solutions Innovation Seminar

Please join us on November 20th 2018 at Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg.


The interaction between customers and internal processes is changing. The Internet allows to set up quicker interactions to address customer requests while smartphones are used as scan devices.

As we, at IRIS, are highly focused on data capture, document classification and document management we are proud to present you the brand new versions of IRIS’ product portfolio: IRISPowerscan™ 10, IRISXtract™ 5 & IRISNext™ 9.

You will be informed on how AI-based technologies are transforming data capture and your business processes. We will also demonstrate how IRIS Pulse will help you to connect all kind of input streams with your leading systems.

IRIS Financial Services has the pleasure to invite you to share a fantastic lunch on November 20th 2018 at Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg.

  • 11:30 – Welcome
  • 12:00 – Introduction IRIS Financial Services
  • 12:15 – IRIS Product Portfolio and benefits for existing customers?
  • 12:30 – Outlook on actual developments
    * Benefits from AI techniques on OCR and Document Classification
    * Integration of Smartphones as new scan devices
  • 13:00 – IRISNext™ 9 – product update & new features
  • 13:45 – Q&A
  • 14:00 – End

Please click here to confirm your participation. Seats are limited.

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