Connect the dots to succeed in digital transformation.

Organizations are challenged to improve and accelerate the transformation of their business activities, competencies, processes and business models. The key to succeed: a step-by-step integrated content process, service, IT and people approach. The enabler: actionable information.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

To make sense of all your data and increasing volumes and types of unstructured content, artificial intelligence is the way forward. Bring your enterprise information management capabilities to the next - cognitive- level, and understand and analyze data faster than ever.

Turning content into trends, patterns and decisions helps to better leverage information and meaning for increased customer engagement and powerful search.

Understand and act

AI technology can analyze all data, making sense out of fast growing volumes of unstructured data, including video and email. Understanding the why of your information - from data to insights – is key for turning data into knowledge.

Based on this, questions can be answered, and personalized information and advice can be delivered based upon sentiment, tone and personality of the user. Enabled by AI, applications can now monitor, detect, reason and recommend.

Learn by interacting

Probably the most important asset of AI is the ability to become smarter over time.

The engagement with users and customers in applications, including automated interactions based upon natural language understanding in self-service engagement platforms and chatbots, enable the technology to improve their analytics based on feedback. The result is an ever-improving platform with the option to become more autonomous as the quality of work delivered increases.


Start Smart

man and machine

To get the most out of AI, focus on augmenting people with technology. It requires an organizational culture change to open up for enriching the work of people by automating formerly cumbersome and administrative tasks. The result are new opportunities for people, business models and industries.

IRIS helps you define the first steps towards augmenting your organization, finding the best approach that copes with change and guarantees success.

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Human + Machine equals synergy, we already know. When you're interested in the specifics for your organization, please reach out and we'll contact you for a meeting.