Tap into the benefits of Hybrid IT

Our strategy around Hybrid IT is a Multi-Cloud approach, where we propose the use of multiple Cloud computing and storage services in a single heterogeneous architecture. With a typical multi-cloud architecture utilizing two or more public clouds as well as multiple private clouds, a multi-cloud environment aims to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider.

Move your IT to the cloud, regardless of the mix of cloud solutions and infrastructure that suit your needs best: from a private enterprise cloud and our own cloud to connections with public cloud partners for the solutions you need:

Hybrid IT

Focus areas

In order to do so, IRIS Professional Solutions focuses on four main Hybrid IT areas:

Our experienced engineers offer services for all your consolidation, implementation, virtualization and IT-management projects. We provide you with a private enterprise cloud at your premises, within or without a hybrid approach.

Benefit from the advantages of the cloud, freed up resources and all capabilities of an infrastructure provider that is focused on your business. Leverage our experience in pubic cloud services to boost your IT landscape.

Data center services
Optimize the processing, storage, management and distribution of your data with data centers. Our services provide smooth implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement while saving costs by migrating your equipment (housing) or using the equipment they contain (hosting).

Managed services
Take the next step and fully outsource the parts of your IT processes and infrastructure needs in a cloud environment with clear SLAs. We monitor pro-actively manage and support you for maximum performance for the users of your applications.

No one cloud fits all

IRIS Professional Solutions offers a broad range of cloud-based solutions and various tailored cloud solutions to perform several tasks and optimize your ICT infrastructure.

From Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service to disaster recovery, monitoring, network and much more as a service.

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our partners

IRIS Professional Solutions works with best-of-breed hybrid IT partners to make sure we offer the best solution for your needs.

And what about your infrastructure?