Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management optimizes information-intensive processes within organizations and between organizations and their customers. The key focus of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the coherence between structured data, which might for instance be derived from an ERP or CRM system, and non-structured data sources, such as email and documents. With 25 years of EIM experience and an extensive range of technologies and partners, IRIS enables your company to improve your information management and streamline your business processes with tailored solutions and services.


Smart Capture

Intelligent enterprise information management starts with smart capture and input management. Optimize incoming information flows and process crucial data from your documents and other sources such as email. IRIS enables you to digitize, classify and index the relevant data for greater efficiency, better compliance, increased customer satisfaction and faster business processes.

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Content Management

IRIS' Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offering ranges from award-winning digitization software to integrated solutions with best-of-breed partners. On top of ECM solutions for input management, document management, records management, knowledge management and collaboration, we offer integrated business process management solutions and professional services to optimize and protect your enterprise content.

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Case Management

Thanks to our case management offering your workers have all the information they need at the tips of their fingers, structured around the case they are working on. Dynamic case management enables you to handle cases with several unknown and unexpected steps, as increasingly happens in today's complex business and customer reality.

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Artificial Intelligence

To make sense of all your data and increasing volumes and types of unstructured content, artificial intelligence is the way forward. Bring your enterprise information management capabilities to the next - cognitive- level. Understand and analyze data faster than ever. Turn content into trends, patterns and decisions. Better leverage information and meaning for customer engagement and powerful search.

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IRIS' proven EIM experience: industries

IRIS has a proven Enterprise Information Management track record across several sectors.

Legal sector

With close to 100 implementations, IRIS is the expert for the legal sector. Legal advice is a knowledge-intensive and information-intensive industry with a high level of work pressure. Rapid access to the right knowledge and/or information is essential


For water and energy companies, a great deal of day-to-day business is taken up with documentation and knowledge. IRIS helps a large number of utility companies optimize their information housekeeping and supporting them in tackling industry challenges.


IRIS has successfully completed the implementation of several large-scale information management solutions in the accountancy industry, from Cyprus to Norway, as accountancy firms deal with more content and changing customer expectations.


From digitization projects to full-fledged advanced case management solutions in highly demanding public sector agency environments, governments, legislative bodies and supra-national organizations: IRIS has both the proven experience and the expertise.

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