Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to bring your information management efficiency and content management maturity to the next level. Amid a growing need for information-based decision capacities, data analytics and advanced automation capabilities, artificial intelligence offers what you need to make your enterprise information more actionable and…intelligent. IRIS offers AI solutions to help you better understand, classify and leverage all your data. AI is also the solution to make sense of increasing volumes of unstructured data.


Analyze to Act

Our artificial intelligence solutions unlock the value and meaning of all data in your enterprise information management ecosystem . Analyze, visualize and interpret structured and unstructured data, regardless of source. Find previously hidden patterns and data relationships. Move from aggregated data and meaning to better, faster and smarter decisions.

Indexing and Search

Increase efficiency and satisfaction of your employees and customers thanks to the intelligent indexing and search capabilities of our artificial intelligence solutions. Bring the right information at the fingertips of your staff and customers with real-time search on all types of data and the power of meaning and context that traditional keyword-based search systems fail to find.

Personalize and Engage

Artificial intelligence enables you to make content-based recommendations to users, depending upon, among others, previous interactions, relevant customer profile data and sentiment analysis. Put all your data at work for more personalized experiences and applications such as bots to better engage customers and learn from all these interactions to personalize even better. The power of reasoning and of contextual understanding to bring personalization and engagement to the next level.

Scale Knowledge

The ability to add meaning, context and self-learning capabilities, allows for greater automation with faster response times, automated interactions and smoother processes. It also enables the scaling of knowledge and expertise, both across the organization and for individuals. Our artificial intelligence solutions enable true knowledge leverage and enhanced human knowledge. Scale expertise in your enterprise and contact us to learn more.

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