IRIS strengthens services and consulting offering for European institutions

In their ongoing efforts to guarantee transparency towards citizens and enhance the delivery of digital services, the different institutions of the EU invest in the digital market.


In their ongoing efforts to guarantee transparency towards citizens and enhance the delivery of digital services, the different institutions of the EU invest in the digital market.

Fully in line with the priorities of the IT body of the European Commission and the digitalisation and transparency goals of EU instances, IRIS has strengthened its services and consulting offering to meet this demand.

IRIS, which has been working with European institutions for over 15 years, has recently reorganised and focuses even more on services for all customers that are qualified as European institutions.

Organised to serve and service EU customers across horizontal pillars

We asked Brigitte Niset, who leads the International Operations (IO) divisions to explain.

Brigitte Niset: “the structure of IRIS today is built around vertical and horizontal pillars. The horizontal pillars are Consulting Services, Hybrid Cloud, Enterprise Information Management and Outsourcing. We work with EU institutions across each of these pillars. The vertical structure is one per country. The IO division, however, is a virtual country and exclusively serves European institutions and other International Organisations, showing our total dedication. Today we have over 200 consultants working in EU offices in Belgium, Luxembourg and, more recently, Italy.”

Can you give some examples of EU projects in each of the four horizontal pillars?

Brigitte Niset: “With the 200 mentioned consultants, Consulting Services is the largest pillar. We offer application support, development, project management, analysis, ICT services, testing, training, the full range. In application support, for instance, we have a team that works 12 hours per day, holidays included, supporting member states for an application in the space of environment and climate.

Enterprise Information Management is also key. Fully in line with the transparency rules of the EU, we work on several MS SharePoint projects. On top of that, the IRIS IO division steers various advanced case management projects, among others to optimise and improve decision processes, legislative processes and other processes in the operations of the EU. From ECM and collaboration and file sharing to document storage and workflows and indexing: we really do anything regarding documents.

With our BPO operations, we help our EU customers save storage and costs, while enabling them to further digitalise, through a state-of-the-art capture and digitisation facility.

In the hybrid cloud pillar, finally, our data centres host critical applications which have a high performance demand and require us to meet stringent Service Level Agreements.”

Aligned with EU priorities – a total dedication for the present and future

IRIS also does a lot with EC-DIGIT, the IT body of the European Commission. Can you tell us more on how IRIS IO aligns with their priorities and what the future of services and consultancy at IRIS looks like?

Brigitte Niset: “EC-Digit is indeed one of our major customers. DIGIT has several priorities and we position ourselves within them with several of the mentioned projects.

One such priority, for instance, is the modernisation of the public administration, where our advanced case management activities fit in. This is just one of many examples. However, what’s most important is that we are more ready than ever to accommodate our EU customers and serve them across their priorities and our offering of consultancy and other services. We clearly align ourselves with all the requirements, from transparency to the DIGIT priorities.

Moreover, the Canon Group acquired IRIS several years ago to underpin their strategic services vision, which is clearly focusing on consultancy as well. Through our strong focus and expertise on Information Management and Consultancy, IRIS is considered as an incubator within the group. Together with the full support of the Canon Group, we are constantly reinforcing our consultancy offering, allowing us to even better support the European Institutions in all their service needs.”

About IRIS

IRIS’ mission is to help individuals, professional organizations, public administrations and international institutions to better manage their information and to transform their main assets into digital data, easy to archive, easy to share and easy to convert into valuable and actionable content.

Our group is organized in two divisions, IRIS Products & Technologies and IRIS Professional Solutions.

For 3O years IRIS P&T engineers have been working on our software code to improve the features of our products and adapt them to our digital world. IRIS P&T division is specialized in:

  • Portable scanners & OCR software
  • Document capture platforms for document classification and data extraction
  • Document capture toolkits in order to make our in-house technologies available to software editors and hardware manufacturers

IRIS Professional Solutions provides solutions and services to guide companies through the various steps of their digital transformation thanks to an extended portfolio covering:

  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Consulting Services
  • Outsourcing

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